More Can Be Done for Pets

The Lost Dogs’ Home rehomes many animals each year however I believe far too many are being killed unnecessarily.

I was blessed with the opportunity to help turn around one of Victoria’s largest ‘open door’ shelters, significantly reducing the kill rate by implementing a program of industry best practices.

I look forward to the day when The Lost Dogs’ Home can report a similar reduction in their kill rate. It’s doable.

Geelong Animal Welfare Society [17 FEB 2012] from Geelong Animal Welfare Society on Vimeo.

I devoted 3 years of my life to animal welfare reform in Victoria, ending in June 2012. While this came at a huge cost to me personally it was the hardest decision to end my involvement. It’s encouraging to know that more and more people are stepping up to bring about the changes our animals so desperately need.

My work consisted of three stages:

  1. Research & Analysis: Comparing outcomes for different shelters, along with causes and alternatives
  2. Advocacy:  radio and television appearances, law reform, public speaking, blogginggovernment consultation, promoting adoption
  3. Leadership: as President of Victoria’s third largest animal shelter

Animal Advocacy includes criticism of organisational practices that lead to unnecessary killing. When elected to the Board of Geelong Animal Welfare Society at the end of 2011 I ceased all public criticism of other organisations. My “retirement” from animal welfare in 2012 saw a complete cessation of work in this area. While I’m proud of my contributions to the history of animal welfare reform I currently have no intention of resuming work in this area.

In January 2013 I acquired this domain to provide a simple, lasting reminder that the transformation we saw in Geelong can and should be reproduced in North Melbourne. There is nothing I would love more than to update this page with the great news that kill rates have plummeted.

For more info on alternatives to ‘business as usual’ killing of companion animals and what the community is doing, jump on Google.

3 Responses to “More Can Be Done for Pets”

  1. Chris G May 9, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    I am all for reducing kill rates at shelters and applaud any action towards that, and absolutely for no kill policies. Victoria (and The Lost Dogs Home) has a long way to go. Everyone should be doing everything in their power to end BSL. Killing dogs who end up at the shelter as surrenders or strays is horrific enough. Actually taking safe, friendly dogs from their families and homes to kill them for their breed is absolutely unbelievable. Begs belief really. I hope you can update this page and say that the shelter has a no kill policy AND refuses to participate in BSL killings. Peaceful resistance will end the atrocity that is BSL.

  2. Becci Dawson May 9, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Moorook needs your help please help .

  3. Joanna Colliver October 23, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    My name is Joanna Colliver and I live in Hoppers Crossing. Lost Dogs Homes could do better as well as the local councils could do better. Wyndham Council that I belong to has just recently increased the animal registration fees from $15.20 to $ 45.50. I’m sure it will be a deterrent for many potential animal owners to adopt one or more( up to 4) animals from shelters if they have to pay such high fees and I’m outraged with the council on behalf of the animals that can’t speak. Thanks for all your noble work.

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